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Shelby Cobra Association of Texas

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SCAT was founded in 1990 by a small group of North Texas car enthusiasts who are exceedingly fond of the cars created for us by Carroll Shelby and wish to see the legend and the cars survive. With memberships now numbering close to 100, SCAT has grown into one of the most popular car clubs in the nation...with members from coast to coast and border to border.


Join SCAT!

Ownership of a Shelby car is not a requirement to join SCAT. In fact, the only real requirement is a love for the cars and a sincere desire to participate with a very fun group of people. While many of our club activities revolve around an automotive theme, SCAT stresses the social and family aspects or our organization. We routinely sponsor family picnics, tours, and outings...But we also enjoy our cars, too! SCAT folks tend to adhere to Mr. Shelby’s philosophy that his cars, “were made to be driven”...that’s exactly what we do as often as possible!


So now it’s time to fill out a membership form and begin enjoying the benefits of SCAT membership.
SCAT hosts regular club meetings on a Saturday of each month at a different locations around the Dallas/Ft Worth metroplex.  These "Meet & Greet" events are an opportunity to get out and enjoy your cars, great food and great friends!   Check back at this website for the Meet & Greet event location each month!!
We also produce a monthly newsletter where we list the upcoming club events and special club information.


Download application form HERE: